JavaScript content curator/writer

Lullabot Education is looking for JavaScript specialists to curate content and develop new curriculum for various JavaScript frameworks (e.g. React, Node), tools (e.g. Webpack, Redux, Express) and topics (e.g. APIs, performance, security). We're also very interested how people use different back-end tech with a variety of front-end frameworks. We are not looking for JS development work and we don’t expect 1 person to have knowledge of all topics. We are looking for multiple people who specialize in particular topics and can assist us with creating learning materials. These are temporary, part-time contracts. You should be able to demonstrate your experience through having delivered presentations at public events (meetups, conferences, etc.), writing or creating videos about the topic, or contributing to a community project related to the topic through code, documentation, issue queues, etc.

We are looking for people who not only have some specific technical knowledge about a topic, but more importantly understand the space well enough to efficiently find answers to gaps in knowledge. We don’t expect someone to know everything about a given topic, but you should be able to learn as you go, building on a solid foundation of existing knowledge. We’re also particularly interested in people who can show active engagement with an open source community, whatever form that may take, i.e. not just code. Previous teaching/training experience is beneficial, but is not required for this contract. You’ll be working with our experienced training team to develop your technical knowledge into learning materials.

If you are interested in learning more, please fill out this application form to tell us a little about you and the topic(s) you specialize in.